Seeming Blissful 

Today there was a panel on the widely talked about show Empire. Mind you I almost typed Scandal instead of Empire. Both have the unfair advantage of looking progressive while  perpetuating the ideas that help destroy black progressiveness.

Two girls sat next to me trying to find anyway possible to save their ideas of this show, while the professors on the panel tore it apart bit by bit. 

Why do we as a minority hold on to the things we think we have, that we know are destructive? Do we think we have some kind of power? Because in all reality all we come to have is a mockery of what we could, should, and God willing will be. We are a strong race, but we accept minimalist means. Hell we accept the word race…nothing but a construct. 

Acceptance is just another form of failure in some cases…and this case…I don’t think I want to argue differently.


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