Blame Yourselves, Not Your Consequences

Well if we hadn’t had enough of SAE, they’re back. This time they’re lawyering up. 

No joke lawyering up to sue the school for defamation of character or some other ridiculous crap. 

They blame the school for labeling them as racist, when the only people that labeled them racist were themselves. Their actions got them labeled racist, not their school. 

Now they have the high profile lawyer who represented the Boston bomber as their lawyer. 

If you don’t know who SAE is, their a chapter of a larger fraternity who got caught singing a racist song. Most notably one part was about hanging a n***er from a tree. The chapter was based in the Univeristy of Oklahoma.

What a ignorant and sad way of trying to get attention. There is no way these boys should win this case. If they do, shame on humanity. 

Give me another reason to lose faith in humanity, thanks SAE University of Oklahoma chapter. Stop trying to pawn your label on your consequences, blame your actions. You’re making yourselves sound like entitled children.


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