Ms. Simone Finally Gets Her Due

For all those lovers of soul, jazz, and/or just good music in general. You probably know who Nina Simone is, even if you don’t like good music. You might have heard her name at least. A child prodigy on piano who turned into one of the Mother’s of Soul. A deep sultry voice that sang about civil rights, and love in all its forms. She was an amazing musician and troubled person according to those close to her.

It’s more of an inference actually that she was an amazing person, because those close to her have held on to her memory. They’ve been extremely reluctant to share her story and her past. They hold such a high esteem for her they do not want to see her name turned into an agenda. They want her to be portrayed the right way, which is any icons family and friends should aspire for. Though to her daughter,

“She could be a monster.”

Her daughter still wants her portrayed the right way, and finally Ms. Simone is getting her due.

With the reluctance of her daughter and close confidant on guitarist a documentary was made. Both of them are pleased.

What Happened, Miss Simone? is a documentary of the High Priestess of Soul by Liz Garbus.The film premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and it’ll be on Netflix sometime this year.

According to reports Al Shackman, Simone’s lead guitarist and confidant; as well as her daughter Lisa Simone Kelly are proud of the film.

I cannot wait for the film to be on Netflix. Being an admirer of Simone myself i cannot wait to peer a little bit into her life. She was a beautiful singer and musician, and I believe to really understand an artist you have to understand the demons and angels of their life.

From the mockery of the Zoe Saldana biopic, to the rightful creation of a documentary. Hopefully the High Priestess will really get her due. All agendas aside.


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