Album of the Year 2014: Black Messiah

Every year music super fans and others alike tend to state what their favorite album of the year was. While I may be a little  late, I have to put my two cents in here.

My favorite album of 2014: Black Messiah by D’Angelo and the Vanguard.

Now I’m a bit biased. I love D’Angelo. I mean come on Untitled by him years ago was one of the best videos for women all over the world. Then there’s that voice that can hit falsettos and low tenor notes. He is a beautiful man with an amazing voice.

But it’s not just that soulful voice and that amazing face. It’s the difference of his music to what is out today. I musically have never found an album I loved all the way through. His is the first.

Today’s music is so the same and so auto-tuned. There’s not much ingenuity and all the soul seems to be gone. Then here comes D’Angelo. We were brought back to soul, neo-soul, and soul infused with funk and blues tones. It is what we all sought with Maxwell when he came out with BLACKSummersNight. But what we got was not the same.

Maxwell became a shadow of himself, D’Angelo moved forward. Though it took them both years to come back with some music, I think D’Angelo did a much better job pleasing his fans.

The first time I heard Ain’t That Easy I couldn’t help but jam out. The lyrics, oh the chorus. The song was unisex in my opinion any man or woman could tell their significant other that it wasn’t so easy to get up and leave them. It’s a power break up song. A power break up song meant for adults, people obsessed with those leaving them, or young women/men who know what good music is. Now it is a song for when you and your lover get into an argument and you know you’re right. They try to storm out and you have that smug smile on you’re face. You can’t leave me, ain’t that easy. The guitar in the song, oh man. D’Angelo’s vocals are amazing.

Prayer is equally mesmerizing on the guitar. His voice reciting the Lord’s Prayer in a distorted type of way.

You have racially and socially justice charged songs like The Charade and 1000 Deaths. This is not just an album about nothing. His songs have meaning, and they have amazing musicianship behind them.

D’Angelo you made the end of my 2014 with your album. Just don’t disappear again, and go on tour! PLEASE?!

The rest of the album is just as amazing as the songs I mentioned above. Make sure you check it out.


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