Bill Belichick and Mona Lisa Vito.

It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon/evening here at college. I’m sitting here in my bed I’m supposed to leave in and hour or so, perusing Twitter seeing what’s going on. All of a sudden on the trending module on the left I see My Cousin Vinny.

I’m thinking that it must be on right now, and everybody is just freaking ecstatic! I mean it’s My Cousin Vinny. Who misses a Pesci placement, I mean really? Now I was happy to see that people did find it on, but this wasn’t why the movie was trending.

We all know about the deflated football debacle going on with the Patriots right? If you don’t long story short, the Patriots used some deflated balls in their game against the Colts. That ain’t cool. Now enter the head coach of the Patriots is Bill Belichick at a press conference.

Belichick is claiming he had nothing to do with the deflated balls, he knew nothing about it. He knows quite a bit about football preparation, not a whole bunch but,

“I would not say that I’m Mona Lisa Vito of the football world as she was in the car expertise area.”

Boom goes the My Cousin Vinny reference! I would hope that a football coach would not be as mindless about football as, Mona Lisa Vito was about cars.

If he was he probably would not have his job, but I digress.

Now why does anyone care about this reference. I care because in the press conference where he said this, Belichick explained absolutely nothing about what actually happened in the deflated debacle. So it would seem he is the Mona Lisa Vito of his team’s actions. I want to believe him but I am not sure. I just get skeptical after a certain coach and quarterback keep making it to the Super Bowl and then fail when they get there. I rooted for you against the Giants!!!!! My teacher never let it go, he was a Giants fan! Darn you!! Friggin failure of an offensive line! Ergh!!!

Sorry about that, I’ve never forgiven them for that one. I mean two times!!!

To me this reference is supposed to make you forget that he explained nothing. The press conference was him just spouting facts and procedures for preparing footballs. Then his reference, and then Twitter and journalists alike went ablaze with respect for the reference.

I am not a journalist, I do tweet, but that reference does nothing for me. It doesn’t distract me Belichick, try again buddy. Now I love the movie, but he’s just trying to get everyone on his side it seems. Give them nothing and then give them pop culture, works every time! It’s a distraction, pay attention people. Don’t forget what happened.


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