The Few, The Radical, and Then The Community

Charlie Hebdo terror spawns anti-Muslim attacks in France – NY Daily News.

We all know about the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and nothing about it should be made lightly. This was a serious event caused by a few men and possibly women who are a part of society. Not only are they part of society, they are part of a religion. A religion that plays a part in their committing this action.

Do you remember in Kindergarten or in grade school when one bad kid would ruin it for the rest of the class. He would talk back, throw stuff, or not do what he was told. Then the next thing you know there goes movie day. Not movie day!!! That little runt took away our movie day, I shall get my revenge by not allowing him on the jungle gym or the swings. We as a class shall destroy this one boy, and by destroy we mean flick boogers at and not play with. Now it stung by not being a part of movie day, but it was even worse when the other class looked at you like you were the bad kids at the school.

That’s right other classes look at you as you line up and quiver in fear. Which in all retrospects could be awesome! If that’s the case you should take sacrifices of pudding and Little Debbie Cakes from them so you won’t beat them up. Anyways you gain this bad reputation because of one person, or possibly even a group of people.

This ringing a bell to anyone?

The anti-Muslim movement is moving full speed, as it has in many cases after terrorist attacks. After every attack the world becomes anti-Muslim, and innocent people pay. Giving someone a dirty look because they wear a turban, or because they pray to Allah is wrong. It’s wrong to do to anyone of any religion. A few bad apples ruining the bunch should not give you any outlook on that religion.

Careful consideration and research should. Go talk to someone of that religion and learn about it.

Not all Muslims tote guns and are ready to kill you over one jab at Mohammad or Allah. Most Muslims understand that everyone does not agree with them. They accept that, though they wish to further their religion just like anyone else. Don’t go around and generalize every Muslim you see based on the bad few. Be open minded. Anyone can be a terrorist, not just Muslims.


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