Only Sexist and Ridiculous

There is a song in the world that I utterly want to destroy, though at the same time I love the beat and chorus.

Nicki Minaj’s Only featuring Drake, Lil’ Wayne, and Chris Brown.

The lyrics to this song make me want to weep for rap today. Now I’m no feminist, I believe women and men are physically suited for different things. We deserve equal pay in the workforce, equal rights, and the right not to have to sexually exploit ourselves for money. I mean you have stripping and adult films but those should be last resorts in my opinion. I also think if you do these things that you should never influence kids to do the same as you are. Let them know there are other ways out there to make money. Let them know that being sexual only can get you so far.

I mean Adult stars and strippers aren’t usually out there in the media in everyone’s face, so I don’t really worry about their influence. Oh wait there are strippers in the media, they’re called female emcees of hip hop today. Not only emcees but you have pop stars or the music industry in general when it comes to women.

My example tonight is Ms. Minaj herself. I mean forget about Only, have you seen the Anaconda video? Have you? If you haven’t here it is.

Are you appalled? Cause I was. I mean Sir Mix-A-Lot at least let the girls have boy shorts on. This chick here though. I mean come on! The whole song is about dudes she has sex who sell drugs and among other things. Then she’s downing skinny chicks, like come on what did skinny women do to you? Now I’m not exactly skinny I have curves, but I still feel for the skinny girls. What was that thing she was wearing when she had those weights? It was just wrong I’m sorry.

Now back to Only. The whole song revolves around Lil’ Wayne and Drake having sex with Nicki Minaj. The first line by Minaj is that she never had sex with either of them. Who comes out with that as the first line?! Why do I care whether you’ve had sex with them? You can’t keep that to yourself?

Then Drake’s whole first part of his verse is about having sex with Minaj and staring at her boobs. Does no one have problems with the blatancy here? Then he spouts some crap about BBW women. Like come on now, you know you don’t get with big women Drake. You like women with booty, there’s a difference.

Then you have Lil’ Wayne. His is not as bad as Drake’s, but there are still some things in there that get to me. It’s messed up that you’ve never had sex with Minaj, Wayne? Is it really? Is it a requirement or are you just being a pig?

The one to blame out of all of this is Nicki Minaj herself. Social Responsibility is a thing…that Ms. Minaj fails at. You’re a role model for teens everywhere, and you strut around like it’s alright for a song to be about having sex with you. It’s alright to exploit yourself for money, and it’s OK to say that dating a drug dealer is amazing. Of course it’s amazing!

I just can’t. I’m done. She’s catchy and sketchy. What else is new in hip hop?




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